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About Company


HAV established its management function in Bergen, Norway in 1999. This coincided with HAV Bulk AS acquiring its first ship. At the same time the crewing operation started from Kaliningrad due to the exceptional quality of Russian seafarers.

As HAV Bulk grew, and more and more seafarers were required, the company board also decided that the management itself could be operated from Kaliningrad, because a high quality management operation requires a staff of highly experienced sailors – both navigators and technicians. Thus, as a result, the representative office of HAV Ship Management NorRus AS was established in Kaliningrad a few years later. This ship management operation has been quite busy, and at the most we operated around 30 vessels from 2,000 DWT to 10,000 DWT. Due to mergers and change of ownership, there are at the moment 14 dry cargo vessels and around 200 seafarers in the ship/crew management of HAV Ship Management NorRus AS. The vessels are trading in North-East Atlantic, the Baltic and Mediterranean seas. The “NorRus” in our name is not coincidental – it is selected because the company puts a special emphasis on the development of the Norwegian-Russian relationship.

The company’s operations focus primarily on the sea-river segment with smaller bulk and feeder vessels of 2,000 to 10,000 DWT. These vessels require efficient and well-organized maintenance due to North Sea voyage conditions, frequent port calls and diversity of bulk/project cargoes. The company handles all aspects of ship management, including ship operation, vessel inspection, repairs and conversions, project development, quality assurance, manning, purchasing, cost control and accounting. When pertinent, the company also interacts closely with HAV Chartering to optimize ship operation and ensure HES, QA/QC and ISM/ISPS compliance.

Operation of company’s vessels is based on quality routines and systems, which meet the most stringent requirements of the flag and coastal states, classification rules, regulations and the charterers themselves.


HAV Ship Management NorRus AS is offering third party shipowners full ship management.

Our management advantages are:

  1. Our vast experience in ship repair works. This includes work performed by our own experienced technical and electrical superintendents, as well as repairs at different European shipyards, especially at our home-base shipyard PREGOL in Kaliningrad, where we can arrange cost-effective high-quality repairs in a timely manner.
  2. Our system of two crews for one vessel (alternating every 3.5 months) allows us to keep our ships at a very high standard of quality – each crew-member feels a responsibility towards the next crew and their “home away from home”.
  3. The location of our Representative Office is virtually in the center of Europe. This allows us to make crew change, delivery of stores/spare-parts by minibuses at a minimum cost.
  4. All our seafarers and office staff speak both Russian and English and they are always accessible for different briefing, debriefing, instructing, meeting and training events and even for a friendly chat and a cup of coffee in the company’s office.
  5. We enjoy statistics with the PSC, classification societies and insurance companies, which is easily verifiable at the appropriate websites.